Scales of War

Ruins - day 3

Prayers to Pelor

Pelor, thank you for watching over my friends and I as we continued to look for captives. We were able to find Sertanian and Mirtala, though Mirtala is still slow to respond, and looks to possibly have been diseased by rats. In the morrow I hope to cleanse her with your light, hopefully helping her through the worst of it.

Our rescue of the captives was not without peril though, twice we almost lost friends to battle. Hobgoblins teamed up and over powered our front line once, and fighting battle after battle took its toll eventually. By the time we rescued Mirtala our group was battered and not able to finish searching.

It is with a heavy heart that we left he ruins with still 2 captives unaccounted for, but if we continued it would likely have lead to our party’s demise as well as the recapture of those we had freed.

Pelor, please watch over the remaining captives so we may promptly rescue them come dawn.

By your Light



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