Potions are a broad category that includes not only regular potions, but also oils, salves and other liquid magic items. Alchemy is the most common form of magic in the Elsir Vale, and alchemy shops are available in most towns and cities, although the more rare potions are usually only found in the largest cities.

Common and uncommon potions are nearly always available, while rare and higher potions may require a special order, if they are available at all.

Rarity Cost (gp)
Common 50
Uncommon 250
Rare 2,500
Very Rare 25,000
Legendary 250,000

Creating Potions
Characters skilled in the use of an alchemist kit can craft their own potions. The cost to create them is half the normal purchase price and requires 1 day of work per tier. Some potions may also require special ingredients, which must be supplied in addition to the base cost.


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