Scales of War

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An interesting start - day 1
Prayers to Pelor

Pelor, I thank you for seeing my friends and I to meet this evening at the Antler and Thistle tavern. The food and ale were filling, the company enjoyable, and we were in the right place to thwart this new “Red Hand” threat.

To think that Ogres, Hobgoblins and Goblins would make it into central Brindol and start fires, I would not have dreamed of the day. Please look over my friends, and remove the exhaustion I am sure they feel from fighting the Ogre who was flinging lit casks of pitch, it was with your good graces that he didn’t squish Celebguar.

I hope with this morning’s dawn we can shed some light on what has happened here in Brindol, and perhaps help quell the fear I am sure the people are feeling.

By Your Light

An Interesting start - day 2
Prayers to Pelor

Pelor, thank you for shedding light upon the path we must follow. With the interest of the city elders, as well as our own in removing the blight of the “Red Hand” from near Brindol, my friends and I have found our way into the foothills along the trail of those that kidnapped several citizens of Brindol. It was an exhaustive march from Brindol, I wish it were I could have gone on further last night in tracking these hobgoblins down, but was to weary to continue.

With todays dawn, I ask that you lend the strength of your light to my friends and I as we continue to follow the trail these fiends have left. And give us hope that we will find the captives still alive and well.

By your Light

Ruins - midday 3
Prayers to Pelor

Pelor, it is early, normally I dont send my prayers for the day till just before dawn, and it is just past mid-day now. But it is been one heck of a morning and we are taking a little rest before we continue on.

With your guidance we have found 2 of the captives, but have heard that the captain of the guard has already been put to death. Please guide him with your light to whatever awaits him, and keep his son safe, who is still counted among the living, we hope.

The fighting has taken its toll, we nearly lost Hawkeye to a giant Toad, but were able to slay the beast quickly enough that there doesn’t appear to be any lasting damage. I was bitten by a poisonous Snake, but with your light emanating from me was able to stave off the worst of the effects, Celebguar when bitten by the same snake was not so lucky. We were able to bring Celebguar back from the edge of death, but the day has taken a toll on everyone, and who knows what more we have to face.

Pelor lend us your protection and guidance.

By your Light

Ruins - day 3
Prayers to Pelor

Pelor, thank you for watching over my friends and I as we continued to look for captives. We were able to find Sertanian and Mirtala, though Mirtala is still slow to respond, and looks to possibly have been diseased by rats. In the morrow I hope to cleanse her with your light, hopefully helping her through the worst of it.

Our rescue of the captives was not without peril though, twice we almost lost friends to battle. Hobgoblins teamed up and over powered our front line once, and fighting battle after battle took its toll eventually. By the time we rescued Mirtala our group was battered and not able to finish searching.

It is with a heavy heart that we left he ruins with still 2 captives unaccounted for, but if we continued it would likely have lead to our party’s demise as well as the recapture of those we had freed.

Pelor, please watch over the remaining captives so we may promptly rescue them come dawn.

By your Light

Ruins - cleanup
Prayers to Pelor

Pelor, the days events have been a blur, I feel you have watched over us as we are all still alive, and rescued all we could from the Ruins, so I won’t recount what you have already seen.

May we continue to feel your light upon us.

By Your Light.

Road to Overlook
Prayers to Pelor

Pelor, I thank you for your continued watch over us on our way to Overlook. The roads have been clear and the weather good. It saddens me that we did not arrive sooner, in hopes of having been able to save the caravan that the orcs had fallen upon. My companions fought well to dismiss the orcs that remained, though it was a hard fought battle we overcame it with your assistance.

Please provide a light for the journey the poor dwarven souls will take, not knowing dwarven rites I hope I did right by them, and will pass their names on to their brethren. Hopefully the consortium that had lost their caravan will heed our warning about the roads and ether delay additional trips, or provide adequate defenses, please watch over the brave men and women that are on the roads during these treacherous times.

By Your Light

Overlook - Midday 1
Prayers to Pelor

Pelor, please shed your light upon the Monastery of the Unchained. We have been tasked by the elders of Overlook to make our way to the Monastery and warn them about the Orc horde that is heading over the mountain, as well as bolster their defenses most likely.

Please keep an especially watchful eye on Tyrben, he has taken on a personal quest to rid Overlook of a rather large criminal element. While the quest is just, with the current situation I do not know that now is the time.

By Your Light.

Deep Thoughts
with Celebguar

As he sits perched at the edge of the uppermost landing overlooking the cavern below Celebguar takes a few moments during the party’s respite to reflect on their situation. He feels somewhat sorry for the slaughtered dwarves but at the same time he can’t imagine a creature being willing to live most of its life below ground. Sure the carved stonework has a beauty of its own but it’s nothing compared to a tree reaching for the sky. His longbow chuckles a little at this and Celebguar tells it to keep quiet or he will set it on fire. He wouldn’t really do that but the bow has gotten such an ego since he finished carving it. He has to admit the bow has been useful, especially during the second assault on the temple proper. Celebguar takes the opportunity to remind the bow that he could have left it laying in the forest to rot or be turned into firewood. He is sure that the bow would have rolled its eyes at him if it had eyes to roll. Nothing is quite so annoying as a stick with delusions of grandeur. Celebguar examines the ceiling and thinks again how if there was a way to just collapse this cavern no more orcs could come through this way. Sure the dwarves might not like their underground temple being destroyed but if enough orcs come through and kill all the dwarves they wouldn’t be around to enjoy it anyway. Maybe one of the other party members has an idea about how to accomplish that. He will have to ask them once everyone is done resting. That warlock throws some serious magic around, maybe he can collapse the tunnel. That imp friend of his is creepy though, it just smells….wrong somehow. Celebguar unconsciously makes a sign with his right hand to ward off evil. He gets a couple of small wooden shafts from his pack and starts whittling them down making sure they are straight, occasionally showing one to the bow for its approval. Most of the shafts were good choices and go back into the pack after a little work. One of them was from a maple though and the bow took on an affronted air. So much so that Celebguar had no choice but to discard it. He listens to his group as they go quietly about their routines. He notes how different the prayers of the Paladin sound from those of the Cleric. The clerics prayers have the smooth flow of water rippling over the rocks where the other’s are stark, blunt and very much to the point. Such a difference but both being very obviously laced with divine power. His mind wanders to the half-orc and Celebguar wonders if he feels bad about killing his kin. It dawns on him that Yarbo didn’t seem to feel remorse when he was killing other lycanthropes, at least not according to the stories. He has to admit that the half-orc is very good at stalking. He makes very little noise, less even than the other elf. He misses way too many of his shots though, probably because of his fat orc fingers. His bow chuckles again and makes a snide comment about the substandard grain of the wood of the half-orc’s bow being the problem not his fat orc fingers. The beast deep within Celebguar begins to growl. He closes his eyes and goes through his meditations when he is interrupted by a rumble from below that echoes the grown from within him. Celebguar stands up, stretches and looks down to the bottom of the cavern. It’s time to feed the beast.Celebguar

From the Streets to...Someplace Else.
Vutharash's first entry

I can’t remember how I got to the alley where I was attacked – I found myself wandering through the city while pondering on the way to see the Temple of Bahamut. I and my current traveling companions found ourselves in an ambush. Dark Creepers – foul things that will come to give me several more wounds over the next day or so.

We dispatched our attackers, finding a special key of some sort. I had found myself oddly interested in the group that the ambush was meant for. After inquiring further about the situation, I decided to follow them on their errand: tracking down and defeating a Dark Creeper called Modra. Modra seems to be a foul figure in these parts, but I would find myself in much deeper trouble as the days would soon reveal.

Tracking down Modra was difficult. He was nowhere, served by urchins and young, foolish souls that scurry about in the city. We had lost his trail until a Half-elf called Reniss provided us with the luck to uncover Modra’s trail. She was on a quest for revenge against Modra. We met Reniss in the Happy Beggar and later discovered a tunnel in the basement that lead into a strange cave, after dispatching some monsters,we discovered a small shrine with magical portals in it. The keepers were Dark Creepers and Sharda-kai, which attacked us, covering Modra’s escape. A Wraith was summoned to guard the portals as a last resort. I have seen many things in my life, but the undead are insidious and horrifying in the most unnatural of ways. I was struck by this wraith, and nearly died. Had I fallen, I surely would have joined the ranks of the undead. I was glad that I was in the company of two capable healers.

We decide that the opportunity is too great to let Modra Escape, so we use our key to follow him. Narrowly missing him again, we arrive in a strange place. A black place. An evil place. The landscape was of despair and darkness. We had entered the Shadowfel, overlooking Umbraforge – a large mercenary camp along a river of lava pouring from a dark volcano. In a short time we discovered that these mercenaries are invaders, and an invasion is brewing.

I write this as we rest, contemplating our next course of action. We are confronted with a choice. Do we continue after Modra, who now appears to play a petty part in this much larger threat? Do we run, taking this information back to anyone who has the resources to deal with this? Or do we stay, and attempt to take down an entire army?

I am not afraid. I am angry. Angry that this army is here. I would fight this entire camp to save the places it would raze to the ground, but I am old, and I cannot fight and lose. When I was young, my honor would have demanded foolishness, but now it demands patience and wisdom and, most of all, victory. I am glad my companions are with me. I would not survive this place if I were left to my own wishes for too long.

Tomorrow we continue investigating. We’ll find out what to do, yet. I know I’m not the only one that wishes to see this place ruined and this army scattered.


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