Paladin of Moradin at the Monastery of the Sundered Chain


Kalad is tall for a dwarf and thickly muscled. Deeply pious, as one would expect of a holy warrior, Kalad spends a portion of each day in deep prayer, calling out to his god for guidance, comfort, and a renewal of his resolve to continue his fight against the darkness. Outside these private times, Kalad is friendly, if gruff, constant in his support, but always detached. He doesn’t have much use for humor and ignores the banter of those around him. When has a mission and he sees it to its end. He might be reserved in his relations, but one couldn’t ask for a more committed ally.


After being rescued from the Monestary of the Sundered Chain, he, Celebguar and Hawkeye met their doom while closing the Nexus in the Vents near Overlook. They gave their lives but saved the city.


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