Scales of War

Road to Overlook

Prayers to Pelor

Pelor, I thank you for your continued watch over us on our way to Overlook. The roads have been clear and the weather good. It saddens me that we did not arrive sooner, in hopes of having been able to save the caravan that the orcs had fallen upon. My companions fought well to dismiss the orcs that remained, though it was a hard fought battle we overcame it with your assistance.

Please provide a light for the journey the poor dwarven souls will take, not knowing dwarven rites I hope I did right by them, and will pass their names on to their brethren. Hopefully the consortium that had lost their caravan will heed our warning about the roads and ether delay additional trips, or provide adequate defenses, please watch over the brave men and women that are on the roads during these treacherous times.

By Your Light



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