Scales of War

An interesting start - day 1

Prayers to Pelor

Pelor, I thank you for seeing my friends and I to meet this evening at the Antler and Thistle tavern. The food and ale were filling, the company enjoyable, and we were in the right place to thwart this new “Red Hand” threat.

To think that Ogres, Hobgoblins and Goblins would make it into central Brindol and start fires, I would not have dreamed of the day. Please look over my friends, and remove the exhaustion I am sure they feel from fighting the Ogre who was flinging lit casks of pitch, it was with your good graces that he didn’t squish Celebguar.

I hope with this morning’s dawn we can shed some light on what has happened here in Brindol, and perhaps help quell the fear I am sure the people are feeling.

By Your Light



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