Scales of War

Deep Thoughts

with Celebguar

As he sits perched at the edge of the uppermost landing overlooking the cavern below Celebguar takes a few moments during the party’s respite to reflect on their situation. He feels somewhat sorry for the slaughtered dwarves but at the same time he can’t imagine a creature being willing to live most of its life below ground. Sure the carved stonework has a beauty of its own but it’s nothing compared to a tree reaching for the sky. His longbow chuckles a little at this and Celebguar tells it to keep quiet or he will set it on fire. He wouldn’t really do that but the bow has gotten such an ego since he finished carving it. He has to admit the bow has been useful, especially during the second assault on the temple proper. Celebguar takes the opportunity to remind the bow that he could have left it laying in the forest to rot or be turned into firewood. He is sure that the bow would have rolled its eyes at him if it had eyes to roll. Nothing is quite so annoying as a stick with delusions of grandeur. Celebguar examines the ceiling and thinks again how if there was a way to just collapse this cavern no more orcs could come through this way. Sure the dwarves might not like their underground temple being destroyed but if enough orcs come through and kill all the dwarves they wouldn’t be around to enjoy it anyway. Maybe one of the other party members has an idea about how to accomplish that. He will have to ask them once everyone is done resting. That warlock throws some serious magic around, maybe he can collapse the tunnel. That imp friend of his is creepy though, it just smells….wrong somehow. Celebguar unconsciously makes a sign with his right hand to ward off evil. He gets a couple of small wooden shafts from his pack and starts whittling them down making sure they are straight, occasionally showing one to the bow for its approval. Most of the shafts were good choices and go back into the pack after a little work. One of them was from a maple though and the bow took on an affronted air. So much so that Celebguar had no choice but to discard it. He listens to his group as they go quietly about their routines. He notes how different the prayers of the Paladin sound from those of the Cleric. The clerics prayers have the smooth flow of water rippling over the rocks where the other’s are stark, blunt and very much to the point. Such a difference but both being very obviously laced with divine power. His mind wanders to the half-orc and Celebguar wonders if he feels bad about killing his kin. It dawns on him that Yarbo didn’t seem to feel remorse when he was killing other lycanthropes, at least not according to the stories. He has to admit that the half-orc is very good at stalking. He makes very little noise, less even than the other elf. He misses way too many of his shots though, probably because of his fat orc fingers. His bow chuckles again and makes a snide comment about the substandard grain of the wood of the half-orc’s bow being the problem not his fat orc fingers. The beast deep within Celebguar begins to growl. He closes his eyes and goes through his meditations when he is interrupted by a rumble from below that echoes the grown from within him. Celebguar stands up, stretches and looks down to the bottom of the cavern. It’s time to feed the beast.Celebguar



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